The Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation is based on a rich scholastic tradition which has been the cornerstone of the Miss America program since 1945. Today, educational achievements and public service continue to be the primary objectives for the Miss America and the Miss Tennessee organizations. In 2008, the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation, Inc. awarded over $80,000 in cash scholarships to our participants. There are many levels of participation available to businesses and individuals who wish to support the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation.

If you would like someone to contact you with more information or to answer your questions, please email Miss Tennessee or you may simply phone the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Competition office at 731-425-8590.



1. Scholarship winners shall submit to the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation, Inc., a handwritten or typed Statement of Intent with the type of education they wish to pursue, and receive approval of their educational program and approval of their accredited college, university, or business school from the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation, Inc., or its designee (Executive Director).

This statement must be submitted in writing within 90 days after the pageant or it will revert back to the scholarship fund for the following year. No email request will be accepted.  Deadline for receiving your note is Friday, September 22, 2017.

2. Scholarships will be paid for tuition for credit courses only; on campus room and board; and/or textbooks. All monies will be paid by check to the individual college, university, or school upon receipt of a tuition bill or student loan that can be emailed from the Miss TN Contestant to The tuition bill must bear said college, university or school’s letterhead or logo. The Foundation does not reimburse contestants for expenses they have already paid to their college or university.

3. Use of the scholarship must begin within twelve months from the date of the award, with the exception of Miss Tennessee, and must be continuous and completed within two years. Miss Tennessee will have three years from the date of her crowning.

4. All cancelled, un-requested or unused portions of scholarships will revert to the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation, Inc. for redistribution.

5. Scholarship monies are paid immediately upon receipt of statements from approved colleges, universities, and schools; however, this process may take up to three (3) weeks.

6. Scholarship winners who have completed their education or training may use their scholarship for outstanding student loan obligations, provided the loan is not in default and provided the student has satisfactorily completed the coursework for which the loan was obtained. The scholarship will be paid directly to the lending institution only. The Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant must receive an itemized statement from the lending institution, documentation that shows the contestant as the primary or secondary payer of the loan obligation, and a copy of the contestant’s diploma.

7. Final interpretation of all rules and regulations listed above will be made by the Rules Committee of the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

8. In the event that the winner of the pageant or one of its runners-up relinquishes their title, the organization will not succeed the scholarships and awards which are applicable to the vacated positions.

Jane Alderson
MissTennesseeScholarship Pageant
P.O. Box938

No email requests will be accepted.

If you want to download these rules, a Word document is provided here:  rules